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Forthcoming talks; job offers: internships, phd thesis, post-docs positions

Talk: 26/04/2107 : DigiCosme (Digital worlds: distributed data, programs and architectures), workshop Optimizing Real-Time Systems, modelling of continuous and logical time for real-time systems design: 14h30 - 15h00 : Recent developments for mono- or multirate parallel real-time co-simulation: extrapolation and scheduling for multicore architectures - Abir Ben Khaled/Nicolas Pernet (IFPEN)
Internship/PhD thesis/post-doc: Progressive compression of large evolutionary volumic meshes: geometry and properties. Applications to storage/visualization in reservoir simulation


Bioinformatics: Gene regulatory network inference (BRANE: Biologically-Related Apriori Network Enhancement) Cyber-physical systems simulation (CHOPTrey: fast polynomial extrapolation) Seismic: Sparse blind deconvolution with norm ratio (SOOT) Seismic: Adaptive, model-based multiple filtering (wavelet frames and optimization) Analytical chemistry: trend/baseline and noise removal (BEADS, sparsity and positivity) Analytical chemistry: image registration (BARCHAN)

Special sessions, issues, call for papers

The Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG) journal Geophysics issues a Call for papers around Signal Processing: Taking signal and noise to new dimensions (call for papers) (editors: Mauricio Sacchi, Sergey Fomel, Mostafa Naghizadeh, Laurent Duval).

ICIP 2014: Special session on Image Processing for Materials Characterization with an introductory overview paper on Image Processing for Materials Characterization: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities


Talk: two talks on adaptive filtering in wavelet frames ("Morphing adaptatif de modèles en trames d'ondelettes : application au filtrage de multiples en sismique "), and on directional/geometric wavelet transforms form image processing ("Petite histoire en images des transformées multi-échelle et en ondelettes en deux-dimensions (curvelets, contourlets, shearlets, dual-tree, etc.)") at Séminaire de Vannes du LMBA

Talk: Un taxi pour Euclide (et non Tobrouk) : déconvolution aveugle parcimonieuse, un algorithme préconditionné avec ratio de normes l1/l2 [abstract+slides+paper], 6 novembre 2014, GdR ISIS : Problèmes inverses ; approches myopes et aveugles, semi- et non-supervisées

Talk: Suppression de réflexions multiples (échos) par filtrage adaptatif dans des trames d'ondelettes : du basique à l'évolué [abstract+slides+paper 1+paper 2], 18 septembre 2014, séminaire Signal Images, université de Bordeaux

Talk: Suppression adaptative de réflexions multiples par filtres de Wiener unaires en trame d'ondelettes complexes [abstract+slides+paper 1+paper 2], 25 mars 2014, SIERRA 2014 (presenter's slides), Signal et Images en Région Rhône-Alpes, Saint-Étienne

Talk: Filtrage adaptatif dans des trames d'ondelettes, application à la suppression d'échos en sismique [abstract+slides+paper 1+paper 2], 18 mars 2014, Université Paris-Nord, journée du pôle Math-STIC, journée images et signaux

Talk: Petite histoire en images des transformées multi-échelle et en ondelettes en deux-dimensions [abstract+slides+paper], Thursday 09 January, 2014, GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble séminaire du département Images et Signal, France