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Signal and Image processing links

Direct link to WITS: starlet wavelets (wavelet names in -let), geometrical wavelets and dual-tree (complex) wavelets

Generic web-pages

All purpose

Data, images, database (classical signal and image progressing datasets)

Signal and image processing (and maths) free books and tutorials

Signal and image processing software

SciLab - INRIA

GNU Octave

Matlab - The Mathworks (commercial site)

LabVIEW - National Instruments (commercial site)

Advanced Visual Systems (commercial site)

NIH Image, ImageJ

PVWave - Visual Numerics (commercial site)

IDL Software - ITT Visual Information Solutions (commercial site)

Acquisition, sampling and related processing

Hexagonal sampling

The standard approach to represent two-dimensional data uses orthogonal lattices (rows and columns of pixels). Quincunx or hexagonal sampling is believed to offer some advantages, e.g. a higher degree of symmetry and a better packing density, despites its apparent implementation complexity.

Color Filter Array (CFA) and the Bayer color coding

Signal and image processing algorithms

General purpose analysis algorithms



Low-level Segmentation

Active contours, active regions, snakes

Image registration

Hough transform

Color or channel transformations


General purpose wavelets

Geometrical wavelets

2-band, M-band dual-tree and discrete complex wavelets

Image and video compression

JPEG, JPEG 2000 (aka .J2K or .JP2)


WDP: Windows Media Photo, or HD Photo, or JPEG XR

Latest MS format, alledgely close to JPEG 2000 in quality and close to JPEG in complexity. Features: lossless or lossy compression; with reversible color transform, for up to 16-bit integer and 32-bit floating point images, possibly n-channel data

Dedicated hardware (and software)

Lossless data compression

Wavelets, JPEG 2000 and Motion JPEG

Journals, conferences, workshops and seminars

Journals, magazines, newsletters


Some people (involved in filter banks, wavelets, lapped transforms)

Other people (once) involved in seismic data compression


Mathematical stuff

Seminars and schools